I have always been supportive of the fact that we are all actors on life’s stage.
Just like stage plays, life has also  handed us scripts we need to study and interpret in the best possible way.
Starting from our birth down to our families, schools, societies and churches, we all have a performance going on; the only difference is that we are both the actor/director.

Though the information on your script might be boring and without motivation but be swift to take cue from great directors who do not play by the rules on the script. You should strive to constantly evaluate, make changes, add or edit your script; be encouraged to “PLAY” with the script.
Unlike stage plays, there is no assigned role ,in real life you choose whatever role you desire, and also interesting is the fact that you can switch roles as you please while playing a lead role in your life or a supportive role for others. But for you to effectively play your role along with other supportive roles you need to “KNOW THYSELF”.
Discover who you are, why you were created, why you are here, what you want and how to get it.
Armed with this and much more great information on your persona, you are ready for a great performance.

Bear in mind that a play is not complete without the audience for whom we perform and it is important to know your audience beforehand, because performing for the wrong audience might undermine your performance.
It could be likened to a scenario where you perform a university play for immature elementary students. What a misnomer!

With an image of yourself in a real life performance I would like to ask, who is your audience?

For me I am an actor with an AUDIENCE OF ONE!
I play for :
The one who sits in heaven and has made the earth his footstool.
The one who is watching my every act, even my most unnatural act.
The one who smiles at the perfect delivery of my lines and great mastery of my cues yet understands when I forget my lines and have to make do with an improvisation.
The one who knows when I am only playing a supportive role.

MY AUDIENCE OF ONE! Is watching and waiting to applaud me at BLACKOUT!





Mirror image

When you look into the mirror who do you see? do you see the reflection of a great personality or do you see someone who has lost faith in themselves? do you see beauty or ashes?

The perception of ourselves in a mirror is not solely dependent on our outward appearance it is  beyond the physical, it is a true affirmation of what we believe about ourselves, the story behind the smile or pain?  Now the question  is, what is your story?what sort of mirror have you chosen to tell your story and assess your worth?  is it the magic mirror on the wall, the lean paying job, your abusive husband, your bank account, or your physical attributes?

Lovelies, our story… the perception of who we really are,  lies in  who God says we are. it doesn’t matter if  you don’t have cat eyes, neither  does it matter if your friends think you ain’t  that pretty. Refuse to be like the evil queen in the story “”Snow white and the seven dwarfs” who constantly asked” Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?’ Just in a bid to affirm her dignity and self worth. so pathetic!

Put  down all that weight, shatter every negative mirror before you, silence that voice ,do not let your present situations and insecurities define you. Look into God’s word, believe that you were created in his image, fearfully and wonderfully made.

So the next time you look at yourself in a mirror,proclaim to yourself that : I AM WHO GOD SAYS I AM, A LIVING TESTIMONY, A CHOSEN PEOPLE-ROYAL PRIESTHOOD, A HOLY NATION,DESIGNED FOR SUCCESS.





and do not forget to blow yourself a kiss!









Why do most people flare up when being asked to exercise patience?  is it a feeling of  being taken for granted or an odd realization that their aspirations won’t be met?  That is an abuse of a powerful virtue called PATIENCE.

My experience with being impatience has given me first-hand knowledge of how frustrating one can be when faced with discomfort. Patience is a virtue and when you lack it, frustration is what you get.

Ever been in a queue to have those behind scream just about everything? That is a display of  frustration. It can even be in the simplest form of skipping to the end of a long book or even eating from the cooking pot all in the precious name of tasting! Hahahahaha!  hold a sec,did I hear you say the little aspects doesn’t really matter? The truth is step by step it runs deep to eventually become some deadly monster. So in whatever form, know this ,impatience is a monster that needs to be curbed.

Everyday people pray to God “dear God, bless me with the spirit of patience’’, yet they freak out in the face of every little discomfort. God won’t come down from heaven to pour the spirit of patience on you, and let you wear it like a cloak. He expects it from you. Once you are born again you receive the fruit of the Holy Spirit, it’s inside of you, and you only need the grace to activate it, practice and put it to action.

It would only get better if we :

Learn to take turns for impatience is only an outburst and clear indication of a selfish individual on the lookout for SELF.

Learn to be patient with your life, for there is a God who never sleeps or slumber working for you.

Learn to be patient with people; they will only get better when you do.

Learn to take things slow, live in the moment, but do not regress into a state of complacency for patience is itself an active state of knowing when to act.

Another little confusion to be cleared up is to realize that patience is not enduring discomfort with complaining, I have seen folks who claim to exercise patience yet they complain like the old witch next door! Patience is enduring discomfort without complaining, and that is the real deal.







Mental Freedom

brainI had always thought that graduating from university and getting a lucrative job would grant me the freedom of  living the life of my dreams,but alas! it was getting me nowhere the desired freedom.

Recently it became very clear to me that the number one key to attaining total  freedom is Unlocking and setting the mind free of all impurities and negativity whatsoever .

You know, Everyday, there are people  like me in the past, still striving to attain physical freedom giving less focus to Mental freedom whereas the  greatest gift  we can give ourselves is the gift of mental freedom,to be free from our emotional insecurities, to be able to live life as we truly are irrespective of external influences outside our control.

Attaining financial freedom or hiding behind the mask of  fame can only give you great physical freedom, but of what use is it, if your mental freedom remains caged? For to be alive is to be mentally free from the prison of your mind, letting go of all negativity  and leaning forward to draw in the fresh breath of  total freedom.The emancipation of self from mental slavery is a bold step towards a successful life for a free mind is fertile and vital to productivity but  a caged mind is unreceptive,and hinders growth.

Mental freedom unlocks the gateway to the TOTAL FREEDOM of a man. Remember the bible verse Proverbs 23:7 ;for as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.The big question is,WHAT THINKETH THOU?   Christ has set us free to live a free life.So take your stand!  Never again let anyone or anything,not even your mind to put a harness of slavery on you…Galatians 5 ( MSG)

Know this,there was nobody ever born with a caged mind! its only so unfortunate that we live in a world that lets us  unconsciously put the fetters around our mind, by providing us with the platform of  fear,anger, depression,hatred,worry and the list goes on,.But the grace of God has been given to remind us of  who we are  irrespective of  what life toss at us, we are more than conquerors!

No one can give you mental freedom, it is a conscious determination that NOW is the right time to be in total control of your mind.Even in the face of trials, tribulations and pain, speak life!  take control! there is no comfort embracing the fetters!


GREAT!  you just read my very first post and article on this blog. Thank youuuuu. I do hope you check in some other time for more updates.

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